How to learn exotic pole dancing?

If you are looking to learn exotic pole dancing, you've come to the right place. 


Typically, when you start pole dancing journey, it begins with pole-fitness. Once you learn the basics and start exploring the pole dancing world, you will discover so many different styles you could follow.

Some of the polers will remain in the pole-fitness / pole-sports team, dancing barefoot focusing on the athletic aspect of pole. Others become curious about exotic pole dancing and heels. Fascination with Exotic styles can happen at any point of your pole journey.

It can be a challenging transition, even for an advanced poler. Pole Fitness is difficult by default; now suddenly, you have to manage heels as well. And on top of executing tricks, you have to learn dancing and feel the music. 

During typical pole fitness classes, it's quite common to perform very little dancing, if any (hence they are called pole fitness, duh). You learn how to enter a pole trick, how to make it look nice, how to dismount and try not to die. Then you will do some combos, but that's about it. Especially in smaller studios or places where pole dancing is not so popular, the selection of classes can be limited. 

So how the f!$£* am I supposed to learn how to dance? 

In this post, I will dive into two main problems I hear very often:

  • "How to start with these bloody heels?"
  • ".... but I can't dance!"


How to learn dancing in heels? 


Let's start with the shoes; exotic pole dancing as a dance style the way we see it nowadays, developed mainly because of shoes. They are like pointe shoes for ballerinas. And they are so much fun! 💕

Often, even very advanced poler will look a little bit wobbly wearing them for the first time, and it's easy to get discouraged. But just like with pointe shoes, your feet, calves and ankles need to develop some strength, and it's completely normal to feel like Bambi for a while! 

The good news is, every time you wear them and practice pointing your toes, you are developing that strength. 

It is also essential to pick the right shoes that are comfortable and safe.

So how do I learn exotic pole dancing in heels? By learning how to walk and move in heels! Practising pivots, pirouettes, sliding plié and even sitting/kneeling on the floor. Yes, your feet have to get used to that too! Transitions from standing to coming down on the floor, coming back up with and without the pole etc. All this will help you get more confident in your heels.

Once you progress, you can add exercises that will help you develop beautiful pointe which is so important in some exotic pole dancing styles. You can find pointe conditioning exercises specifically for exotic pole in our course! 



What about:

"I want to learn exotic pole dancing, but I can't dance!" 


Well, yes some people are a little bit more coordinated than others. Yes, for some, this can come a little bit more natural. However, one of the main problems with dancing is the fact many "non-dancing" polers get discouraged too easily.

Pole "dancing" may sometimes seem easier than tricks, especially the "basic" stuff, so our expectations are in line with that. We start to think - "if I can't learn a stupid pirouette -> I can't dance". 

Sometimes we do not appreciate it's not as easy as it looks and we should be as patient as we have been with everything else in our pole journey. How long did it take you to learn an invert or a shoulder mount? Yes, dance elements require less strength, but the difficulties are somewhere else and may take a similar amount of efforts and time! 

The best way to learn exotic pole dancing is to practice, practice and practice basic exotic dance moves paying attention to the technique. With that repetition comes muscle memory, correct movement patterns and it will all start to become more and more fluid! I promise you, it gets easier with time. 


If you are looking to learn exotic pole dancing, you've come to the right place. With our unique methodology and a bunch of tutorials that cover:

  • All the Exotic Fundamentals;
  • All Basic Exotic Elements
  • On & off the pole transitions
  • Basic Exotic Floorwork

You will become an exotic goddess!

All broken down and explained in detail. They will help even the most "un-coordinated" creatures looking to start exotic. Fair warning - after completing it, you won't be able to complain anymore that you can't move, you will become dangerously sexy, and it's seriously addictive. Just saying!


See you in the course 💕

Post by Kasia Ploch

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