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General About Courses and Tutorials

Are there any floorwork tutorials in this course?

Yes, floorwork tutorials are available for our monthly and annual subscribers.

I don’t have a pole at home, I can only practice in the studio. Can I still use this course?

Having a pole at home would be an ideal scenario but yes, of course.

A lot of pole dancing studios are offering 'open studio' / 'pole hire' / 'pole practice' sessions where you can practice on your own. Check with your local pole dancing studio if you can practice between regular classes.

Also, watching tutorials at home, before your practice session in the studio, will help you to understand the theory and progressions for particular tricks/moves and will be very beneficial for you.

And there is a lot of floorwork & stretching routines where access to a pole is not required.

I don’t have access to a pole at all. Can I still use this course?

There are various dance tutorials & stretching routines in our courses where you don't need a pole. However, we are an online pole dancing school and the majority of our lessons are about pole dancing.

To fully benefit from our courses you will need access to a pole, whether at home or in a studio.

I don’t have pole dancing shoes. Can I start pole dancing?

Of course. You don't need shoes to start pole dancing, you can train barefoot,  However, if you want to buy a pair of pole dancing shoes please make sure they are safe to use! What to consider when buying your first pair of pole dancing shoes HERE

I have never tried pole dancing before, is this course for me?

Sure! We have tutorials that will get you started. No previous experience required.

However, even though our course is designed for complete beginners, we highly encourage everyone to start in a traditional studio set up with an instructor spotting you. This is the best way to ensure proper technique and safety during pole dancing training. 

Our courses are great to supplement your regular pole dancing training, especially if you want to work on your transitions, learn new exotic tricks and routines and your studio doesn't offer such classes.

Payments & Subcriptions

Can I change my subcription from monthly to annual?

Yes, of course. Simply purchase the annual membership and monthly payments will stop automatically.

Please make sure you are logged in and using the same details. 

How to cancel my subscription?

Simply log in to your PayPal account. In your settings go to ‘Payments’ tab and click on 'Pre-approved payments' / ‘Manage automatic payments.’

UPDATE: Customers after 25.11.2021
Now you cancel your payments directly on the website. Log in, click my account and click cancel my subscription.

Technical & Accessing Videos

Can I view tutorials on my mobile or tablet?

Yes, of course. All you need is internet connection. 

Do I need access to the internet or can I download tutorials?

You need to have access to the internet to watch video tutorials. Our videos are not available offline/for download.

How to access Exotic Pole Dancing tutorials?

Exotic Pole Dancing Tutorials are available for members with monthly or annual subscription.

Videos are not working, what should I do?
  1. At first, please double check your internet connection. Changing video resolution to 720p/480p should help if you have slower internet connection.
  1. Clear cache/cookies. You can also try a different browser. Refresh the page and try again.

  2. If you are still experiencing difficulties / there is an error please email us at [email protected]. We aim to deal with any technical problems immediately however please allow us  24h to respond.
Videos are taking a while to load / freezing

Please double-check your internet connection.

You can change video resolution to 720p/480p for faster loading.

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