Exotic Pole Dancing Styles – Exploring the main directions of pole dancing in heels

Exotic Pole Dancing Styles – Exploring the main directions of pole dancing in heels

Exotic Pole dancing has evolved into a diverse and dynamic art form with many directions and techniques. This article will discuss the main exotic pole dancing styles in international competitions and what makes each unique.

exotic pole dancing styles

Exotic Flow

Exotic Flow is all about fluidity and grace. Continuous movements that never stop. Pole sequences are combined with floorwork (strip plastic) to create a harmonious, flowing performance. The dancers in this style aim to create beautiful lines, seamless transitions, and aesthetically pleasing movements that require strength but look effortless. 

Exotic Hard 

Exotic Hard is the most energetic of exotic pole dancing styles. It is all about fast movements, tricks, jumps, and unexpected transitions. The music in this style is typically fast and includes genres such as dubstep and hip-hop. It’s wild, it’s dynamic, and requires a lot of stamina & strength.  It can be sexy, harsh, or playful, but always powerful. 

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Exotic New Style

What will happen if you mix Exotic Pole & Frame up? Exotic New Style!

A completely new exotic pole dancing style with added sharpness, precision & musicality of frame up. A real challenge and absolute freedom of movement.

This style is entirely new and unique, developing rapidly & simultaneously alongside frame up.

Check out Exotic New Style choreo with spectacular Deny!

The Australian Style or Pole Classic

Many consider the Australian Pole Classic (aka Classique) style as the original form of pole dance outside strip clubs. This style originated in Australia and is characterized by its sexiness and explicitness. Performances in this style contain spectacular tricks, splits, and beautiful, challenging moves. The Australian style is the foundation of all other styles of pole dance and continues to influence the evolution of the art form.

Exotic Old School (aka Exotic Old Style)

Exotic Old School is the most emotionally charged style of pole dance. This style is directly influenced by the strip club world and is characterized by its sensuality and femininity. While nudity is not a requirement, Old School performances often involve playing with and transforming the performer’s outfit, which is usually sexy and revealing.

Where to learn exotic pole dancing styles?

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Find Your Unique Exotic Dancing Style

While these styles provide a good starting point for understanding the different directions in exotic pole dance, it’s important to remember that the art form is all about creativity and freedom. Unless you participate in a competition where you have to adhere to your division’s rules, feel free to mix and match different styles to create something uniquely yours.

So go out there and find your own unique style!

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