Everything you need to know before starting pole dancing at home

Jun 14, 2018




Everything you need to know before starting pole dancing at home

1. Obviously you will need a pole and some space. 

You can start training at home (most of dancing poles are portable, easy to install and do not require drilling or permanent fixing )

There are a lot of options to choose from: different brands, types, diameters, finishes.

Bear in mind there are many dance poles on Amazon or eBay that ARE NOT safe.

HERE is everything about choosing the right pole for you.

2. What to wear

If you are going to practice pole fitness (all complete beginner section) you will need to show a bit of skin in order to grip on the pole. You won’t be able to sit on the pole with leggings, not in the beginning of your practice at least.

There are plenty of fancy pole wear brands but a simple sports bra and shorts will be absolutely fine. 

For Exotic Pole Dancing it really depends on the moves you are going to practice. Most of the time, especially in the beginning, we are going to be dancing mainly around the pole so if you don’t like to reveal too much, a comfortable top and leggings will be fine. Of course you can wear something sexy if you like! Whatever makes you feel good. 

Barefoot, socks or shoes ?

When it comes to Pole Fitness the safest option is to start barefoot.  Also sometimes you will need to grip onto the pole with your feet.  

Exotic Pole - I recommend to start with thick socks, even two pairs (they will allow you to slide your feet on the floor to create fluid transitions just like in pole dancing shoes).

And, of course, when you are a bit more comfortable around the pole, Pole Dancing Shoes which are so much fun.

HERE is all information you need to choose the best pole dancing shoes for you.

3. What else do you need?


Exotic Pole Dancing consist of many moves performed on the floor so you will need a pair of kneepads or thick leg-warmers to protect your knees. You don’t have to spend a fortune, you can make your own knee pads ! I will explain how in the new blog post soon.

Optional, but useful accessories for pole dancers:

Grip-aids - They are fairly cheap and will seriously help you.

Yoga/exercise mat - not essential but will make your warm ups and stretching much more comfortable.

Later, for any upside down moves, you will also need a crash mat.

And some completely optional stuff. Not necessary, unless you want to treat yourself.

Wrist bands, pole dancing socks, ankle protectors, all range of fancy pole wear, gloves, pole warmers, pole cleaners and many more.


4. Safety first

Apart from using a pole of reputable brand and making sure it is correctly installed, we need to remember about few things:

ALWAYS warm up before and perform some light stretching after your pole dancing workout.

DO NOT USE ANY LOTIONS, CREAMS OR BODY OILS BEFORE POLE DANCING. This can be very dangerous not only for you but also for anyone else using the same equipment.

Always use a crash-mat or/and have someone to spot when trying new, more advanced moves especially the upside-down ones.

5. What to expect:

Muscles Soreness in your arms, abs and your back. A simple climb or a pole sit is a high intensity workout! But as you get stronger and stronger it will only get better. Your hands can be sore too.

Bruising might occur, especially in the beginning. Friction when your skin is making contact with the pole leaves a reddish mark, a pole burn commonly known as a pole kiss. With time your body will get used to it and bruises won’t appear anymore,


Don’t worry if you struggle with simple moves! It’s all not as easy as it looks, especially in the beginning. Can’t lift yourself up? Can’t hold onto the pole? Can’t climb? Can’t invert? Can’t grip? We’ve all been there. Give yourself some time and enjoy the journey!

Happy polling 🙂

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