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Here is what our girls say
  • Becky I have been training pole dancing for over a year. I wanted to try exotic for a while but I didn't feel very confident to go to regular "sexy pole" classes in the studio. I was also frustrated because I wasn't making any progress, I am still in the beginner group while girls I started with are already in the intermediate/advanced level. I installed a pole at home wanting to try dancing in heels and regretted it after a while because I didn't know where to start. Then I found exoticacademy on instagram. I didn't only learn a lot, I am also having fun again because I can actually do this. I was stuck with pole fitness because I couldn't invert. Now I can just dance and I really enjoy it. I am looking forward to seeing more tutorials
  • StephanieI really like how routines are split to few parts so its easier to learn
  • NadiaI am so happy I found this website, there is only one pole dancing school in my town but they don't teach exotic. I am a beginner and I really needed this kind of detailed explanations! Please keep up the good work :*
  • AnastasiaaaI finally got my fish flop today thanks to this tutorial and I am so happy!!!!  I thought I will never learn a fish flop  I was so scared lol thank you thank you thank you
  • LP❤️I really recommend #exoticacademy if you love pole *dancing*, flow and floorwork 😍The tutorials are super informative, they explain a lot of theory, technique and nuances, not only how to execute the moves. Plus warmup, flexibility, conditioning... Besides it’s in progressive order, you start with tutorial 1 and keep progressing. 
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