How to protect pole dancing shoes?

Jan 28, 2022


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How to protect pole dancing shoes?


You have just got yourself a new pair of lovely pole dancing shoes, yay! They are not cheap stuff and they have to endure quite a lot. I bet you are now wondering how to make your shoes last longer. Let me give you some tips on how to protect your pole dancing shoes. Check out my shoe hacks and enjoy your shoes longer without scratches!


Platform protectors

platform protectorsThe most popular method to protect pole dancing shoes is platform protectors. They can be found in most online shops with pole dancing accessories. Their indisputable advantage is that they are ready-to-go: you buy them, you put them on your shoes, that’s it! They come in all colors and designs, so you can match them with the color of your shoes! And - what is most important - they give you quite good protection.

So where’s the rub?

Well, depending on the design of the shoe and the finish, they can slide. On the suede finish they will stay on nicely, but if you have a little more slippery design (chrome for example), you will have to keep readjusting them. It can be a bit annoying. They can also slide on the rubber part of the shoe and you have to be really careful not to fall. I also noticed that I get really hot wearing them. Their ultimate flaw is the price: they cost around 30% of the price of the shoes. That’s why I tend to go for less conventional - but not less effective methods of protection.


The second life of old socks

old socks protectorsAn effective substitute for platform protectors is... old socks. They are free, and it takes two seconds to cut them and put them on. If they get dirty or break, you just replace them with another pair of socks. Depending on the sock you go for, they can give quite good protection, and you can adjust them to decide how much of the shoe you want to keep exposed. I find them more breathable than platform protectors, so they are simply more comfortable to wear.


They don’t look particularly nice. But if you find a black sock and match it with a black shoe, it shouldn't be that bad. And like with the platform protectors, they can slide. I would say they are great for floorwork, all the toe dragging and sliding. How to use them to protect your shoes? Just grab a pair of your ex’s old socks, cut the toe part, put it on your shoe, and you’re fine!


How to protect your pole dancing shoes with tape?


tape and scissors protectorsMy favorite method of protecting pole dancing shoes is taping. Best if you find a tape that is matching the color of the shoes! I apply the tape on the nose, on the sides of the shoes, and on the areas that get scratched the most. It’s also helpful when the flooring is too grippy. What kind of tape to use? Well, it can be a Kinesio tape or any medical tape. The thicker, the more protection you are going to get. What’s the greatest thing about the tape? If you find a matching one, it will be practically invisible, seamless, and the application is easy. When it comes to disadvantages, there are a few:

  • First, the tape can leave glue marks on your shoes. So please perform a patch test first! However, I think it is still better to have glue marks than broken shoes.
  • Second, tape wears off quickly: if you won't notice and do not replace it, you will start scratching your shoes.
  • And finally, if you apply it to the bottom of the shoe, it can get slippery, so be careful. But in my opinion, their invisibility compensates for their disadvantages, which is why it is my favorite method to protect pole dancing shoes.


Try out shoe-saving hacks

pole dancing shoesThese are my tips on how to protect pole dancing shoes. All of them have their pros and cons. The main difference between professional platform protectors and socks is their price: socks may not look as pretty as platform protectors, but they do the job just fine. Taping gives less protection, but it is invisible.

 I hope it will help you make your pole dancing shoes last longer. Let us know if your tried it or if you have any better methods and tricks?

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