Clothes for Pole Dancing

Clothes for Pole Dancing


Thinking about starting your pole dancing classes? Or maybe you wish to practice at home? In both cases, you may wonder what you need for a start. And that not only applies to professional equipment but also to your pole dancing clothes. Before coming to the class, new students often wonder: What should I wear for my pole class? To leave you in no doubt, we will answer this question for you.


Shoes for a pole dancer


Feet is where each dancer’s comfort begins, so let’s start with shoes. As for the footwear, most beginners start their training barefoot until they learn their foundational movements. The subsequent choice of footwear depends on the style of pole dance we choose to practice: in pole sport, shoes are not necessary, but when it comes or exotic pole we teach in our school, 90% of the time we train in heels.. Don’t worry - you don’t need them to start the exotic adventure, a thick pair of socks will do just fine in the beginning. They will protect your toes and allow you to slide your feet on the floor (something we often do using the platform of the shoes). When you become ready to get your first pair,  don’t be scared by their giant look: they only seem high, but it’s because of the high platform! Professional pole dancing shoes are very comfortable. They are designed to help you to spin, climb, and balance. Plus, they will give you a really cool and exotic look. To find out more about shoes, please see my article: 

Pole dancing clothes – what to wear for classes?


It is not surprising that comfortable fitness clothes are the best for pole dancing, especially for those beginning their pole dancing adventure. A pair of shorts or leggings and a t-shirt or tank top will do just fine. However, shorts are the best for regular training so that your skin can get used to the pole. When choosing your shorts remember – the shorter, the better! Having your skin exposed will help you to grip the pole. We also recommend you put on a sports bra under your tank top. In the beginning, you may feel a little shy, but once you’ve started sweating, you may want to have your side body exposed. Also, you will need it for some extra grip! 


Pole wear designed for pole dancers


As their pole dancing skills progress, most pole dancers feel more and more feminine and confident in their bodies. Often pole dancing addiction goes hand by hand with pole wear addiction! The market is full of clothing brands that offer pole dance clothes. Therefore, you can choose from various types of beautiful, sexy pole dance wear available, such as over the knee socks, sexy shorts, tops, monokinis, garters, leggings, bodysuits, etc. They emphasize the pole dancer’s curves but at the same time they are designed to support their movement and cover the body parts they wish to cover, without worrying about any wardrobe malfunction. They have wide straps, and they are made from fabrics that stretch well but retain elasticity and resilience. 


Pole dance accessories 


Shops for pole dancers offer a great variety of pole dancing accessories. If you are a beginner, or you plan to practice exotic pole, we highly recommend you to use knee pads. Some models designed specifically for pole dancing, will provide the protection while still allowing you to grip under the knees. They also come in various colours and patterns. But don’t worry - you don’t need these just yet - any dance or sports knee pads that are not restricting your movement will be more than enough at the beginning. 


You can also choose among many other pole dancing aids such as high leg warmers, and grip protection gloves, or ankle protectors with tack strips for gripping the pole. You may want to try out special sticky leggings that enable a better grip on the pole. Not all pole dancers use them: it’s up to you to decide if you need such accessories.


Aid your grip


As pole dancing relies on friction and grip, there is one thing you will definitely need daily: a pole dancing grip solution! It can come in the form of a liquid chalk, talcum powder, or spray to apply to your hands to keep them dry. It’s a complete must-have for each pole dancer, it substantially increases your comfort and safety. Most likely, this will be your first pole dedicated purchase. Fortunately, these are relatively cheap and most pole dancing studios sell them, so you don’t have to buy anything prior to your first lesson.



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